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Frequently Asked Questions
What's the Time commitment?
The class runs for eight consecutive weeks and meets one day a week for one hour a day. Mentors must be available for all classes (if you have to miss one, that's OK), to build familiarity and trust with the students. 
I'm not a comedian! do I need to be funny or know about comedy? 
Not at all! All we ask is that you're a committed, engaged, and supportive mentor . 
Do I have to fill anything out?
YES! All prospective mentors have to submit out a background check and complete a tB Test. The background check will be provided by the executive director and you can complete the TB Test at a local pharmacy or urgent care.    
What happens in the class?
Each class will combine a period of group collaboration, during which students will learn something new about stand-up comedy and how to create it, and individual time with mentors who will guide each student through the process of writing jokes and performing them. The program will culminate in a live show, where each student will get to perform their very own stand-up routine in front of an audience of friends, family, classmates, and teachers.
How many students in a class?
It can range from 8-15.